Blue Plaque in Buttercross Lane, Epping

How to Nominate a Location

To nominate a location for a Blue Plaque, please Contact Us with details of where you would like the plaque to be sited and why, having regard to the Criteria detailed on this page.  Where possible, please give details of relevant historical references that evidence the association with the location.


The procedure that will be followed on receipt of a nomination is detailed here.


The Town Council would like to thank Loughton Town Council for sharing the details of their successful Blue Plaque Scheme which we have modelled ours on.  For more information about the Loughton Scheme, please check their website

Blue Plaque Scheme


The Town Council has launched a Blue Plaque Scheme to recognise important people who have lived here in Epping over the centuries and important places and events in the Town’s history.


There are currently five blue plaques in the Town, one dedicated to Lucien Pissarro at
44 Hemnall Street, (who we covered in the
Spring 2014 Talk About Epping), one to Henry Doubleday in Buttercross Lane that was put up by the Epping Urban District Council, predecessor to the Town Council, one to former Prime Minister and Town MP Winston Churchill (on Marks & Spencer in the High Street); one to The Silley Family (kind land donors) at 1 Theydon Grove and one to historian and author Sidney Hills at 45 High Street.


Council will also be putting up blue plaques for Sir William Addison (on the old court house) and Dr Joseph Clegg (water sanitation pioneer), hopefully on Oldbach House, near the Civic Offices.  


However, we would be delighted to hear from residents about who or where from the Town’s past should be recognised in this way.


The criteria for inclusion in the scheme are as follows:




1 In the case of a single person


(i) If the person was eminent in his or her field and is listed in appropriate general national biographical sources for the period; for instance, the Dictionary/New Dictionary of National Biography, Who's Who/Who Was Who, Men and Women of the Time, the Times Obituary, or recognised specialist biographical sources, and had a significant connection with one or more places in Epping, such as a residence of five years, place of birth, place of business etc.,




(ii) if the person made a definite contribution to the history of Epping, does not appear in the relevant national sources but had a significant connection with one or more places in Epping, such as a residence of five years, place of birth, place of business etc.


2 In the case of an event


If it was of considerable importance in the history or development of the town.


3 In the case of a building 


If, unconnected with an important person, the building was significant in the history or development of Epping, or is of great antiquity, or of particular architectural importance.


Please note:  Proposals will not be considered for the commemoration of individuals unless more than 20 years has elapsed since their passing.