Neighbourhood Planning meetings



26th January 2016: 20.15pm:         Agenda   Minutes

22nd March 2016: 20.15pm:           Agenda   Minutes

7th June 2016: 7.15pm:                 Agenda   Minutes

2nd August 2016: 7.30pm              Agenda   Minutes

6th September 2016: 7.30pm         Agenda   Minutes

13th October 2016: 7.30pm            Agenda   Minutes

24th October 2016: 7.30pm            Agenda   Minutes   Appendix 1

15th November 2016: 7.30pm        Agenda    Minutes   Appendix 1

8th December 2016: 7.30pm          Agenda    Minutes   App 1  App 2



24th January 2017: 8.15pm            Agenda    Minutes

23rd February 2017: 7.30pm          Agenda    Minutes

9th March 2017: 7.30pm               Agenda    Minutes

6th April 2017: 7.30pm                Agenda    Minutes

25th May 2017: 7.30pm               Agenda    Minutes

7th September 2017: 7.30pm       Agenda    Minutes

11th December 2017: 6.30pm      Agenda    Minutes


18th January 2018: 7.30pm         Agenda    Minutes

14th March 2018: 7.30pm           Agenda     Minutes                           

19th April 2018:   7.30pm           Agenda     Minutes

17th May 2018:    7.30pm           Agenda     Minutes

26th July 2018:    7.30pm           Agenda     Minutes

20th September 2018: 7.30pm    Agenda     Minutes 

Attachment B

Attachment C1

Attachment C2

Attachment C3

Attachment C4

Attachment C5

Attachment C6

Attachment C7

Attachment D

20th November 2018: 7.30pm      Agenda    Minutes 


17th January 2019: 7.30pm        Agenda  Minutes                                    

7th February 2019: 7.30pm        Agenda  Minutes

4th September 2019: 7.30pm     Agenda  Minutes

Please come and help us work on the details of the Neighbourhood Plan.

For more details contact: marked Neighbourhood Planning