Neighbourhood Planning Meetings

Conference Room, Epping Hall,
St John's Road


17th March 2015: 19.00pm:            Agenda  Minutes


24th August 2015: 19.15pm:           Agenda  Minutes


22nd September 2015: 20.15pm:    Agenda   Minutes


24th November 2015: 20.15pm:      Agenda   Minutes


Community Engagement Strategy

Issues from Early Engagement


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26th January 2016: 20.15pm:         Agenda   Minutes

22nd March 2016: 20.15pm:           Agenda   Minutes

7th June 2016: 7.15pm:                 Agenda   Minutes

2nd August 2016: 7.30pm              Agenda   Minutes

6th September 2016: 7.30pm         Agenda   Minutes

13th October 2016: 7.30pm            Agenda   Minutes

24th October 2016: 7.30pm            Agenda   Minutes   Appendix 1

15th November 2016: 7.30pm        Agenda    to follow


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