Winter Salt Bag Scheme

The Town Council is once again participating in Essex County Council's Winter Salt Bag scheme. We have over a tonne of salt bags to distrubute free to local residents to help support keeping us moving if we have a cold snap this year. With some newspapers predicting we will have the coldest winter for a century, the need for salt this year may be greater than ever. In snow and ice, the County Council will focus on the major road network with their gritting, which means that the High Street should be clear - not much help if you can't get off your drive. If as a community we salt and grit the paths and roads outside our homes, we will help to keep Epping moving if we do get snow and ice th

Bradley Walsh brands 'Epping Council' a 'disgrace' on BBC One Show

Actor, Comedian and game show host Bradley Walsh branded 'Epping Council' a 'disgrace' on BBC One's One Show programme on Thursday 23rd October. This caused some consternation for the Town Clerk when he began receiving messages from twitter later Thursday evening from people telling us that we should be 'ashamed of ourselves' as to the best of our knowledge, Mr Walsh had never contacted us about anything. Watching back the show on the BBC iplayer, Mr Walsh was talking about damage caused to his car from potholes on Epping roads. The Town Council is also concerned about the condition of Epping's roads and pavements, but as the maintenance of these is the responsibility of Essex County Counc

Epping Designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Area

The Town Council is pleased to announce that it's application to have the Town designated as a neighbourhood planning area has been granted by Epping Forest District Council. What does this mean? It means that we now have the opportunity to shape planning policy within the town. Every District Council has a local plan, which are the set of criteria they use to assess planning applications against. There is also a National Planning Framework sitting above that in the hierachy. A neighbourhood plan, if adopted becomes part of the legal framework ans policies within it will be used to make planning decisions in the town. Can it be used to prevent development? No. The neighbourhood plan cann

Nominations sought for Townsperson of the Year

The Town Council is seeking nominations for the Townsperson of the Year 2014. We are now seeking nominations for our 2014 Townsperson of the Year. You can nominate anybody, as long as they live in Epping and they have made a difference to the community life of the town. This could be be because of the contribution they have made to a local club or organisation, work they have done for charity or for a longstanding commitment they have made to the interests of the Town and its people. Nominations should be submitted before the end of January 2015. The winner will be schosen by Council and be presented their award at the Mayor's Civic Reception in April 2015. Nominations can be submitted b

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