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Corporate Governance

23rd February 2021         Agenda


27th October 2020          Agenda


25th February 2020         Agenda


22nd October 2019          Agenda



26th February 2019         Agenda  Minutes


23rd October 2018           Agenda  Minutes

5th March 2018                Agenda  Minutes

27th February 2018         Agenda  (see above)

(Please note this meeting was not quorate and was rescheduled to 5th March 2018)

24th October 2017          Agenda   Minutes


28th February 2017         Agenda   Minutes


25th October 2016          Agenda    Minutes                                                               

23rd February 2016         Agenda   Minutes


27th October 2015           Agenda   Minutes


24th February 2015          Agenda   Minutes


28th October 2014            Agenda  Minutes


25th February 2013          Agenda   Minutes


22nd October 2013          Agenda   Minutes

Neighbourhood Plan


Please see Neighbourhood Planning Page



Jack Silley Project Committee

22nd August 2017            Agenda    Minutes

26th May 2017        Agenda    Minutes
22nd August 2017            Agenda    Minutes
5th February 2018             Agenda     Minutes
18th May 2018                   Agenda     Minutes
26th June 2018                  Agenda     Minutes
5th November 2018            Agenda    Minutes
30th January 2019              Agenda    Minutes  
Epping/ Eppingen


24th March 2015          Agenda


Committee now dissolved