Bradley Walsh brands 'Epping Council' a 'disgrace' on BBC One Show

Actor, Comedian and game show host Bradley Walsh branded 'Epping Council' a 'disgrace' on BBC One's One Show programme on Thursday 23rd October. This caused some consternation for the Town Clerk when he began receiving messages from twitter later Thursday evening from people telling us that we should be 'ashamed of ourselves' as to the best of our knowledge, Mr Walsh had never contacted us about anything.

Watching back the show on the BBC iplayer, Mr Walsh was talking about damage caused to his car from potholes on Epping roads. The Town Council is also concerned about the condition of Epping's roads and pavements, but as the maintenance of these is the responsibility of Essex County Council there isn't much we can do to help.

However, if Mr Walsh's car is running on 5th December, we'd be delighted for him to make a guest appearance at our Christmas Market.

Bradley Walsh's comments can be seen on the BBC iplayer at address below (time: 7:00)

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