Update on Old Pastures Village Green Application

The Town Council has received notification from Essex County Council that our application under the Commons Act 2006 for the land to be registered as a village green has now been formally lodged.

The process from here is that the application is advertised (we will post an update when this happens) and there is an objection period of 6-7 weeks for anyone to object and give reasons for the objection within this time frame. A copy of the notice is placed on site and in the local newspaper. A copy of our application is left on deposit at the District Council offices and the land owner receives a copy.

If no objections are received the application is passed to a senior officer within Essex Legal Services who will then take the matter to a member panel to determine the application. If a valid objection is received we will be asked to confirm that we wish to proceed and provide comments in relation to the objection. The application and objection will be reviewed and further information requested (if required) from both sides.

A Planning Inspector will be asked to review the evidence and decide whether or not it needs to be taken to a non-statutory public inquiry, or if he feels he can determine the application based on what he has received.

In most cases where objections are lodged it moves to a 4 day inquiry, at which point evidence will need to be presented by the Council and the objector to the Inspector. Bundles are prepared and served by both sides in readiness. After the Inquiry the Inspector will prepare a report for a final decision to be made by the member panel taking account of his findings.

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