Epping Cemetery

The Town Council manages and maintains Epping Cemetery in Bury Lane.

Epping Cemetery has two sections, the original burial ground and a lawned extension.

The original burial ground, dating from 1911, has a consecrated and unconsecrated section, however, the Roman Catholic, Children's Section and Cremated Remains areas are full and there are now very few graves available for any burials in this area. In the lawned extension there is space for burials of people of all or no religions as well as a space reserved for burials according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Faith.

Plots for burial of cremated remains are available in the lawned extension. Cremated remains may also be scattered in a designated area outside the Chapel.

A non-denominational Chapel, dating back to 1911, is available for use.

Exclusive Rights of Burial for graves and plots for cremated remains in the lawned extension may be purchased in advance.

Memorials are approved in accordance with our regulations. Only Stonemasons registered under the British Registered of Accredited Memorial Masons Scheme complying with the Code of Practice issued by the National Association of Memorial Masons are allowed to work in the Cemetery.

Epping Town Council holds Burial Registers which record every burial in the Cemetery since its opening in April 1911. For genealogy searches the number of registered names provided for surname only enquiries will be limited to five for each search fee. The information given will be the name of the deceased, grave number, date of interment and age at death.

If you wish to receive further information on any of the above please contact the Town Council.

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