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IT Support Tender

Epping Town Council are based at Epping Hall, St Johns Road, Epping, Essex, CM16 5JU.

There are a mixture of PCs, laptops and Macs (Section F) which require a variety of IT support.

One main server. Cloud storage.

A) Support package required:
   1) Point of need support
         Prompt attention to emergencies
         On site and remote attention as needed.
   2) Data management back up support
         Licence such as online back ups
         Hard disk drive back ups
         Off site back ups (method and monitoring)
         Sophos antivirus (yearly)
   3) Monitoring of necessary upgrades and licences
   4) Office 365 accounts (multiple users)
   5) Domain registration (yearly)
   6) Office & Stonards Hill Fibre Optic broadband
   7) Data protection and confidentiality
         Ensuring all our systems are adequately password protected and that we are able to meet the requirements of our cyber insurance policy

 B) Approximation of level of support
      Preferred package to include very prompt remote support
      On site support if needed
      Additional hours to be charged at a pre-agreed hourly rate
      Ticket system with a timed turnaround. Ticket creation and closure system. Prompt conclusion to all queries.

C) The tenderer
      Support required for PCs and MACs equal so the tenderer must be fully conversant with both
      Good understanding of Town and Parish Councils and their particular requirements

D) Additional suggestions or services
      Epping Town Council are happy to consider an appropriate package of support, incorporating the above
      To include Cloud storage
      To include an assessment of security/public/private WiFi access, etc
      Liaising with our domain hosting service/provider if needed
      Liaising with our website provider if needed

E) Length of tender
      Initial contract of one year. To be reviewed after one year.

F) Equipment
      Epping Hall
         3 Macs
         2 PCS
         4 PC laptops
         Fibre Optic broadband
         (Linked to 2 printers)
      Works depot
         1 PC Printer Broadband
      Additional requirements
         Replacement lift alarm line x 1 and intruder alarm lines x 2 will be needed to cover the move from analogue to digital services.
      Additional suggestions
         Any issues/matters that the tenderer identifies should be included in our package.

Contact Information: Beverley Rumsey, Town Clerk
Tel: 01992 579444

All tenders should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL to:
Town Clerk, Epping Town Council, Epping Hall, St Johns Road, Epping, Essex. CM16 5JU

Please note: those wishing to submit a tender my email, must agree this in advance with the Town Clerk, so a deadline time and date can be provided to anyone tendering by email, ensuring equalness of opportunity. Submission deadline: Friday 23rd February 2024, 10am.

* Please note this contract falls under the Procurement Regulations 2015 value.
Epping Town Council 2024

Download a copy of this tender here.